Hibberdene Boarding Kennels & Cattery


Our cattery is situated well away from the kennels, in a secluded cattery. This is to reduce the possibility of them being stressed by being able to see dogs arriving or in their kennels. It also reduces the level of "dog noise" they may be exposed to. The cattery looks out onto it's own little garden complete with bird bath and lots of bird activity!

We are currently fitting "astro turf" type false lawn onto the concrete floors of the cat runs as both these surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and are far less likely to harbour the worms and bugs that can be found in earth and grass floors.

Dog kennels each have their own "Loo"; a piece of "astro turf" type false lawn which the dogs use as a toilet. This helps to encourage dogs - in particular the girls - to go and urinate during the night rather than holding it in till they go out in the morning, so reducing the possibility of urinary tract infections.

Dog Kennel runs have a mid-height solid wall, topped the rest of the way to the roof with weldmesh, between them, which helps prevent fence fighting and intimidation. All kennel runs have mesh tops to keep in even the most determined escape artist! The sleeping quarters have solid walls full height to ensure privacy.

I personally feed each and every boarder, feathered and furred, as well as administering any necessary medication, as I feel that the quickest way to tell how an animal is feeling - besides it's body language - is to watch it's response to it's meal. An early morning check of each animal and it's kennel ensures that any potential problems are identified and acted upon very quickly.
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