Hibberdene Boarding Kennels & Cattery


Dogs are walked out on leash to our large, grassed and treed paddocks for free time off leash, with a variety of toys, sandpits and paddling pools as well as "interactive equipment" such as our fun agility course, rope swings, balls, frisbees, assorted toys etc which our staff use to entertain the dogs. Each dog is encouraged to use these at it's own comfort level.

Dogs are put out into separate kennels and runs (families stay together) unless sharing a kennel or paddock is specifically requested by owners, in which case we will assess the dogs' temperaments and if suitable, allow them to share.

We have a variety of toys in our cattery as well as tunnels and scratch posts. We make use of feathers on ropes, balls etc. to encourage the cats to play and interact with us.

Sometimes, the cats and dogs just want to be cuddled and stroked - so we do that, too!

In addition to all this, we have a "Pet Nanny" who comes to the kennels several times a week to spend extra time making our furry guests feel extra loved and special

Birds stay in the house with us, ensuring that they enjoy plenty of human interaction - and don't miss their TV soapies!
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