Hibberdene Boarding Kennels & Cattery


Please note that puppies must be not less than 4 months old and must have had their 3 initial sets of vaccinations at the required 3 - 4 week intervals.

Kittens must have had their first lot of vaccinations at 8 - 9 weeks, their second 4 weeks later and can come into boarding no earlier than 2 weeks AFTER their second lot of vaccinations. Vaccinations must include the a minimum of the annual 4 in 1 and Rabies.

Please note that all dogs MUST have valid and current vaccination certificates proving that have had their RABIES, KENNEL COUGH and ANNUAL 5 (or 6) in 1 vaccinations during the preceding 12 months but not less than two weeks before coming into kennels (though the Intra Nasal Kennel Cough vaccination can be given not less than 48 hours prior to arrival).

All cats must have had their Rabies and at least the annual 3 in 1 vaccination during the preceding 12 months but not less than two weeks prior to arriving at kennels.

Vaccinations must be valid for the whole period of boarding.


All pets should have been dewormed not more than 3 months prior to arrival and should have had tick and flea treatment prior to arrival. Any pet arriving with ticks, fleas, lice etc. will be treated by us at the owner's expense.

We spray the kennels weekly with a tick, flea and insect treatment and disinfect daily with the best possible F10 disinfectants but need your help to minimise the number of pests that await the opportunity to hitch a ride in on any pet they can find!

Please advise us on your boarding application form if your pet may be aggressive (to humans or other animals), extremely shy, nervous, scared of thunder, suffer from separation anxiety etc. so that we know how best to care for them.

You are more than welcome to phone or email us to make an appointment to come and view the cattery and kennels; we are unfortunately unable to allow visits over the Christmas/New Year and Easter periods as we are generally very full then and find that the animals are more likely to become stressed with people coming and going. Our policy at peak seasons is that ONLY staff are allowed into the kennel area.
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